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Ernest Hemingway Boxed Set, Folio Society, A Farewell to Arms~The Sun Also Rises
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The Bhagavad Gita 2011 London Folio Society Hardcover Excellent Condition
$67.53 SGD
Robert Louis Stevenson 5 Novels Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$148.57 SGD
The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$202.61 SGD
The Campaigns Of Napoleon David G Chandler The Folio Society 2002
$135.01 SGD
Chandler THE CAMPAIGNS OF NAPOLEON 2002 The Folio Society 3 Vol's w/Slipcase
Buy: $162.04 SGD
WALDEN or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau Folio Society in Slipcase
$270.16 SGD
Myths and Legends of Russia Illustrated Folio Society Book in Slipcase Excellent
$133.72 SGD
Seven Pillars Of Wisdom T.E. Lawrence Folio Society Slipcase Hardcover
$81.03 SGD
Three Kingdoms Luo Guanzhong Folio Society 4 Volume Set Slipcase Hardcover
$303.92 SGD
George Orwell Reportage 5 Volume Set Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$168.84 SGD
Evelyn Waugh 6 Volume set Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$168.84 SGD
Folio Society 7 Volume Lot, European Literature, MONKS AT WAR, PRINCES IN TOWER
$337.69 SGD
Folio Society Lot 10 Volumes, S/C, Conrad's Congo, Jane Austen, Railway Children
$256.64 SGD
Folio Society BARBARIAN INVASIONS OF ROMAN EMPIRE, 8 Volumes Thomas Hodgkin, S/C
$364.7 SGD
Folio Society AUBREY-MATURIN SERIES Patrick O'Brian 10 Vol Literature NEW/SEALED
$945.55 SGD
Folio Society MYTHS AND LEGENDS COLLECTION 6 VolS., S/C, Literature, Illustrated
$580.83 SGD
Folio Society CAMPAIGNS OF WELLINGTON, Ian Fletcher, History, 3 Volumes, S/C
$162.08 SGD
Folio Society A HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS, Thomas Bewick, 2 Vol, 1st, S/C, Nature
$202.61 SGD
2003 JOHN MILTON PARADISE LOST Folio Society William Blake Illustrations Silk
$162.1 SGD
Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio Folio Society Limited Edition 1033/1750 Leather
$270.15 SGD
Works of Charles Darwin Folio Society 4 v Book Set Origin Species Descent of Man
$218.82 SGD
$607.86 SGD
CAMBRIDGE CULTURAL HISTORY OF BRITAIN - Boris Ford - 9 Vol Set - Folio Society
$121.57 SGD
Seven Horrid Novels of Northanger Abby Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$405.23 SGD
The Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire by Hodgkin - 6 Vol Set - Folio Soc.
$290.42 SGD
John Wyndham 3 Volume Set (The Day of the Triffids & 2 Others) Folio Society
$202.62 SGD
Folio Society Canterbury Tales Eric Gill Golden Cockerel Facsimile Limited Ed.
$810.47 SGD
City of God Saint Augustine Folio Society
$202.61 SGD
Folio Society John Milton Paradise Lost William Blake Leather Spine Slipcase
$195.87 SGD
Folio Society Howard Carter The Tomb Of Tutankhamun & The Treasures 2 Vols
$195.87 SGD
The Diary of Samuel Pepys 11 Volumes - Folio Society (Limited Ed. 2003 Oak Case)
$1458.85 SGD
Alexander the Great, Folio Society
Buy: $53.96 SGD
$945.55 SGD
Byzantium John Julius Norwich Folio Society 3 Volumes
$202.61 SGD
George Orwell 1984 Folio Society Set
$185.74 SGD
Herodotus Histories Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$67.53 SGD
Folio Society Les Miserables Limited Edition LE
Buy: $1366.36 SGD
3 Novels by HG Wells Invisible Man Time Machine War of the Worlds Folio Society
$108.05 SGD
William Shakespeare The Complete Plays Folio Society Slipcase Hardcover
$135.07 SGD
The Raj Quartet Paul Scott Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$121.56 SGD
Folio Society LEGENDS OF THE RING Elizabeth Magee, 2004 1st, Slipcase Literature
$81.03 SGD
Folio Society THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO, S/C Historical, Exploration Illustrated
$67.53 SGD
Folio Society THE ASSASSINS, A Radical Sect in Islam, Lewis, Slipcase Literature
$67.53 SGD
Folio Society ANIMAL FARM, George Orwell, SEALED*, Slipcase, Literature Classics
$67.53 SGD
Folio Society THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY, Ambrose Bierce, NEW/SEALED S/C Classics
$67.53 SGD
3 Volume Mervyn Peake Boxed Set - The Folio Society (1992)
$87.79 SGD
$81.05 SGD
The Mycenaeans Taylour & Chadwick Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$81.03 SGD
The Phoenicians Glenn Markoe Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$67.53 SGD
Folio Society THE RADETZKY MARCH, Joseph Roth Literature, S/C, NEW/SEALED
$94.54 SGD
Folio Society THE GREAT GATSBY, F. Scott Fitzgerald, NEW/SEALED, S/C, Literature
$135.07 SGD
Folio Society CHRONICLES OF THE DARK AGES, Richard Barber, 1st, 3V, S/C, History
$135.07 SGD
Folio Society BELOVED, Toni Morrison, NEW/SEALED, S/C, Literature, Illustrated
$101.3 SGD
Folio Society RULES OF THE ANCIENT WORLD 5 Vol., S/C, Caesar, Nero, Cleopatra
$135.07 SGD
Folio Society THE COMING OF THE GREAT WAR Barbara Tuchman 2 Vols. WWI, Slipcase
$94.54 SGD
Folio Society TROY AND ITS REMAINS Heinrich Schliemann NEW/SEALED S/C Ancient
$114.8 SGD
Folio Society SONS AND LOVERS D.H Lawrence NEW/SEALED S/C Literature Illustrated
$94.54 SGD
Folio Society A DISTANT MIRROR Barbara Tuchman, NEW/SEALED S/C, European History
$108.05 SGD
Folio Society SHORT STORIES, Ernest Hemingway, NEW/SEALED, Slipcase, Literature
$94.54 SGD
A Secret Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina by Richard Burton Folio Society Book
$54.02 SGD
$129.68 SGD
Eyewitness History of the Crusades 4 Volumes Folio Society Slipcase
$148.57 SGD
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Gibbons Folio Society Slipcase 9 Volumes
$135.07 SGD
The Island of Sakhalin by Anton Chekhov (Folio Society)
Buy: $67.53 SGD
The Iliad Homer Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$101.3 SGD
Travels With Herodotus Richard Kapuscinski Folio Society
$101.3 SGD
On The Origin Of Species ~ Charles Darwin ~ Folio Society, SEALED!!
Buy: $79.7 SGD
George Washington Joseph Ellis Folio Society
$94.56 SGD
Folio Society A HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES, Steven Runciman, 3Vol, S/C, Historical
$94.54 SGD
John Keats The Folio Poets Folio Society
$54.02 SGD
A History Of England- Folio Society - 5 Volumes ,1-5 Only. 1999. Hardback
$126.23 SGD
Folio Society-William Shakespeare-4 volume set of Plays in slipcase
Buy: $270.16 SGD
Pepys Diary 3 Volume Set Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$60.77 SGD
Ordeal by Fire Lyn Macdonald Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$33.76 SGD
Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut Junior Folio Society Slipcase 2006 Hardcover
$58.07 SGD
The Vikings Gwyn Jones Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$54.02 SGD
The Ascent of Man Jacob Bronowski Folio Society Slipcase Hardcover
$33.76 SGD
The Adventures of Robin Hood - Green, Holder - Folio Society Illus 2001 Slipcase
$60.77 SGD
Folio Society PAX BRITANNICA, James Morris, 3 Volumes, Slipcase, Literature
$54.02 SGD
Folio Society A LITTLE PRINCESS, Frances H. Burnett, 2007 1st, S/C, Literature
$54.02 SGD
Folio Society DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA Alexis De Tocqueville 1st ed., No Slipcase!
$54.02 SGD
Folio Society LAXDAELA SAGA, Magnusson & Palsson, 1975, Icelandic Literature
$54.02 SGD
Satyrica~Petronius~Folio Society, W/Slipcover
Buy: $33.77 SGD
Great Stories of Crime and Detection (Set of 4) - The Folio Society 2002
$67.53 SGD
The Odes of Horace Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector Hardcover
$33.76 SGD
THE NUDE by Kenneth Clark MINT in SLIPCASE The London Folio Society- 2010
$56.73 SGD
A Life of the Buddha from a Burmese Manuscript Folio Society Slipcase Hardcover
$20.25 SGD
Blackmailers Don't Shoot Raymond Chandler Folio Society Slipcase Hardcover
$27.0 SGD
St Joan of Arc Vita Sackville West Folio Society Slipcase Hardcover 1995
$20.25 SGD
The Folio Book of Comic Short Stories Folio Society Slipcase Cover Protector
$27.0 SGD
Daily Life in Ancient Rome Jerome Carcopino Folio Society Slipcase
$27.0 SGD
Folio Society - Barbarian Invasions of Roman Empire - AS NEW Condition!
Buy: $33.7 SGD
I, CLAUDIUS Robert Graves Folio Society Illustrated Hardcover Slip Cover 1994
$29.72 SGD
Silent Spring~Rachel Carson~Folio Society ~HCDJ
Buy: $28.37 SGD
Vintage 1958 National Geographic Society Large Atlas Folio with 45 Maps
$33.76 SGD
Audubon's Birds of America: The National Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio...
Buy: $23.15 SGD
Empires of the Ancient Near East - 4 Volumes, The Folio Society (2000) 3rd Print
$67.47 SGD
Charles Dickens - FOLIO SOCIETY - 15 Books Collection! (ID:50423)
$451.12 SGD
Leo Tolstoy - WAR AND PEACE - Folio Society 1978 Hardback in Slipcase
$48.7 SGD