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Fisher Price Puffalump White Cow Dress Lace Collar Hearts 1986 Plush NWOT
$81.54 SGD
Vintage 1986 Fisher-Price 15” Puffalump Blue Bear Stuffed Plush
$33.97 SGD
Vintage 1986 Commonwealth JUMBO LOVE 30" Plush Pink Elephant Stuffed Puffalump
$470.22 SGD
Vintage 1980s Fisher Price Puffalump Chick W/ Bib Puffalump Plush 8" Duck Easter
$135.91 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalumps Kitten Puppy Bunny 1990 Rattle Teether Blue White HTF
$40.76 SGD
Vintage Puffalump Aqua Green Bunny with Easter Egg 1988 Nylon Plush Stuffed Toy
$36.7 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Plush Blue Puppy Dog W/ Romper 1986 15"
$40.76 SGD
VTG Fisher Price Slumber Babies Pink Bunny Rabbit Doll Green Plush 1989
$95.68 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Kids Pink Merri and Purple Doll Lot of 3
$81.54 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump Kitty Cat Yellow 1986 Original NO Dress Stuffed Plush Toy
$20.38 SGD
VTG 1992 Fisher Price Dino Roars Orange Grunting Caveman Puffalump 2271 & 2272
$20.38 SGD
1993 Puffalump Jungle Junior Alligator Plush 4151 Green
$67.95 SGD
1991 Fisher-Price 9” Puffalump Horse Pony Zebra Stuffed Toy, white, pink, blue
Buy: $67.95 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price FP Puffalumps Kids Merri Pink Doll Dots Hat 1990 Puffalump
$81.54 SGD
Vtg 1980's 10" Blue Pink White Bunny Rabbit Puffalump Purple Bow Rare Plush
$13.58 SGD
Vtg Fisher Price Puffalumps Bear Peach Plush No Outfit 1986 Puffalump Nylon
$20.52 SGD
Vintage 1988 Fisher Price Puffalump Mouse with Rattle in Pristine Condition!!!
Buy: $81.54 SGD
 HTF 1991 Fisher Price Puffalump Kids 4061 Pink Bunny Rabbit Doll Soft
$27.18 SGD
Vintage 80s Lion Puffalump Plush Fisher Price Orange Stuffed Animal Toy 1987
Buy: $40.76 SGD
1987 Fisher Price Baby Puffalumps Pink Mouse 17" Puffalump 8013
$40.71 SGD
Vintage 1994 Big Things Plush Hippo Puffalump Fisher Price
$28.98 SGD
Puffalump 1994 Pink Bear Rattle Fisher Price 1214 Great Condition
Buy: $47.51 SGD
Puffalump Baby Bear Rattle 1988 Blue Collar Fisher Price Stuffed Animal RARE
$43.5 SGD
Vintage 1986 Rare Fisher Price Puffalump Blue Puppy Dog Plush Stuffed Animal
Buy: $67.95 SGD
$47.56 SGD
1986 Commonwealth Yellow Jumbo Love Puffalump
Buy: $203.82 SGD
Vintage 80s Wild Puffalumps Plush Lot Orange Lion Green Parrot Fisher-Price
$40.78 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump Merri Pink Blonde Baby Doll Vinyl Face Stuffed Toy
$23.11 SGD
Prestige Green Dragon Nylon NE-ANIMALS Squeaker Nakajima Plush Toy 8" VTG 1989
$203.87 SGD
Department 56 White Bunny Nylon Puffalump Carrot Easter Rabbit Plush Toy 14"
$33.97 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Peach Orange Bear - # 8006  1986 - Stuffed Plush
Buy: $33.97 SGD
Vintage 1990 Crayola Hallmark Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal Puffalump FREE SHIP 
Buy: $21.73 SGD
VTG Baby Doll 1991 Puffalump Kids Pink Stripes Plush 14" Doll Blonde/ Blue eyes
Buy: $13.58 SGD
POTPOURRI PRESS 12” Pink Bunny Puffalump Style Stuffed Plush Penny 1987
Buy: $101.93 SGD
1993 Fisher Price Barnyard Puffalumps Pig Puffalump In Box Piglet Pink 8096
$152.9 SGD
Vintage 1991 Fisher Price Puffalumps Christmas Santa Mouse Plush 8127 New
$54.36 SGD
1986 Fisher Price Puffalump White Cow with Heart Dress Plush w/ Keepsake Book
Buy: $61.15 SGD
$23.04 SGD
Potpourri Press Brown Nylon Teddy Bear 1987 Puffalump Plush Stuffed Animal 12"
$50.28 SGD
FISHER PRICE Care for Me Puffalumps KITTY Purple w Bottle Plush 1999 Mattel NIB
$202.53 SGD
1987 Fisher Price Puffalump Wild Toucan Bird Parrot Plush Hawaiian Shirt 8054
$13.58 SGD
1994 Fisher-Price Puffalump Dolly Pink Rattle Plush Baby Doll 10" New In Box
Buy: $122.33 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump Puppy Dog w/Rattle Stuffed Vintage Nylon Baby Toy 10"
$54.36 SGD
1987 Fisher Price Puffalumps 8036 White Christmas Mouse with Candy Cane 12"
$29.9 SGD
Buy: $95.13 SGD
FISHER PRICE Care for Me Puffalumps COW Pink w Bottle Plush 1999 Mattel NIB
$202.53 SGD
1987 BOY Puffalump Elephant Potpourri Press 18" Overalls Rare NWT Blankie Plush
$256.9 SGD
Fisher-Price Puffalump Large White Cow Bull Lace Dress Vintage
$39.35 SGD
1987 Fisher-Price Puffalumps Christmas Mouse Grey Candy Cane Plush New 8016
$159.02 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalumps Yellow Kitty Cat Peach Bear 1986 w/ outfits SET OF 2
$52.94 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump Peach Bear/Bunny? OUTFIT Clothes Romper Vintage 1986
$12.22 SGD
1986 1988 Fisher Price Puffalump 8012 8024 Valentine Bunny Plush Lot White Heart
$32.62 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Kids Sherri Green Doll
$40.76 SGD
Fisher Price Dino 1991 #1383 Puffalump Googly Rattle Eyes Neon Pink & Yellow
$6.8 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Pink Merri 1990 Pink Stripes
$50.28 SGD
Vtg Fisher Price Plush Puffalump Dinosaur Teether Rattle Stuffed Animal Baby 90s
$23.11 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalumps Christmas 1992 TEDDY BEAR Puffalump Doll
$47.56 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump White Cow Bull Lace Heart Dress Plush FREE SHIP USA
$39.42 SGD
2006 Fisher Price Puffalump Kitty Cat / Kitten - Yellow
$20.39 SGD
Vintage 1986 Fisher Price Puffalump Teddy Bear Nylon Stuffed Animal Toy
$40.76 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalumps 1994 Chattering Chimp Ape Purple Yellow Neon Plush
$20.38 SGD
90s Fisher Price Teether Pets Kitty Rattle 1343 Blue Plush Puffalump Cat 4" Baby
$48.92 SGD
Vintage HTF Fisher Price Puffalump Doll Balloon Wall hanging Diaper Nursery hold
$57.22 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump 1987 Pink Wild Things RHINO Stuffed Plush / Shirt Glasses
$33.97 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump Monkey Chattering Chimps Brown Pink Plush 11" Toy 1994
$23.18 SGD
Vtg 1986 FISHER-PRICE Valentine's Day Plush White BUNNY PUFFALUMP Red Heart 8012
$53.81 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Peach Bear Stuffed Animal Romper 8006  FP 1986
$34.69 SGD
Vintage 1990 Crayola Hallmark Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Puffalump
$54.36 SGD
Gibson Greetings EASTER BUNNY Nylon Plush 1993 Stuffed Animal NEW Puffalump
Buy: $47.56 SGD
RARE 1991 Fisher-Price 9” Puffalump Pony Zebra , white, pink, blue Super Clean
Buy: $81.55 SGD
Vintage 1987 Fisher Price Puffalumps White Christmas Cany Cane Mouse Plush
$20.39 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Baby Puffalumps Pink Bear Plush Rattle Toy Puffalump lovey
$101.94 SGD
Vintage 15" Puffalump Style BUNNY RABBIT Fingerhut Plush Stuffed Animal Orange
$20.38 SGD
Vintage Puffalump Kids Merri Pink Blonde Baby Doll Vinyl Face Plush Stuffed
Buy: $33.97 SGD
VTG 1993 Puffalump Plush Elephant Dumbo Fisher Price Security Blanket Nostalgia
$61.15 SGD
1987 GIRL Puffalump Elephant Potpourri Press 12" W/Dress Rare Blankie Plush
$256.9 SGD
Vintage 1991 Fisher Price Christmas Puffalump Kids Baby Doll #4098
$51.58 SGD
VTG Baby Doll 91 Puffalump Kids Pink Stripes Plush 14" Doll Blonde/ Blue eyes
$19.03 SGD
2006 Fisher Price PUFFALUMPS White Cow Plush With Dress
$29.9 SGD
Puffalump Dinosaur Fisher Price 1992 Green Triceratops ROARS
$27.17 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price 1986 Puffalump 8002 Purple Cat Dress Stuffed Plush Toy Cute
$29.9 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price 1987 Puffalump 8055 Jungle Lion Monkey Plush Toy Lot Cute
$21.75 SGD
Fisher-Price Puffalump Large White Cow Bull Lace Dress Vintage 1986
$40.76 SGD
1986 Fisher-Price Puffalump Large Pink Sheep Lamb
$27.17 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Lamb Sheep 1986 Yellow Dress Stuffed Animal 8005
$31.25 SGD
Vintage 1987 Fisher Price Yellow Puffalump Wild Monkey Plush 16" w Shirt 80s
Buy: $17.67 SGD
Fisher Price Purple Pterodactyl Puffalump Soft Toy Dinosuar 8"  Squeaks
$10.87 SGD
Vintage Fisher Price Puffalump Care for Me Pink Cow Plush 12" 1999 Ex. Cond.
Buy: $23.79 SGD
Fisher Price 1986 Puffalump yellow cat
$24.47 SGD
Fisher Price Pink Purple Puffalump girl doll Cloth Body Thumbsucker No Dress HTF
$21.73 SGD
1987 Fisher Price Puffalump Easter Lamb Sheep Plush 8009 White Pink
$84.21 SGD
1999 Fisher Price Care For Me Puffalumps Cow Baby New In Box Bottle Pink Purple
$134.57 SGD
Fisher Price Dinosaur PUFFALUMP Plush "Roaring" Neon Yellow Green Pink Toy 1992
$35.33 SGD
A62 Vintage Superior Novelty Puffalump Peach Bunny Plush! 12" Lovey Stuffed Toy
$65.11 SGD
1993 GIBSON GREETINGS INC. Nylon Plush BUNNY RABBIT Stuffed Puffalump Like Boy
$19.3 SGD
Fisher Price Vintage 1987 Puffalump Girl Mouse Blue Gray Pinafore Dress RARE
$42.8 SGD
$23.04 SGD
$61.94 SGD
Fisher Price Puffalump Pink Dinosaur Dino-Roars Brontosaurus Plush VTG 1992
$21.35 SGD
Puffalump Kids Snuggle Doll Plush Pink Fisher Price No Light 1991 Blonde Nylon
$19.02 SGD