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Silvertab mens zip  coat Tan L
Buy: $27.96 SGD
Levi’s Silvertab Carpenter Cargo Jeans Size 30 X 30
$28.66 SGD
Mens Silvertab Levis Jeans Carpenter 38x32
$30.77 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Straight Leg Distressed Denim Blue Jeans Men's Size 32x30
$33.56 SGD
Silver Tab mens' boot cut Jeans waist 34  inseam 34
$31.31 SGD
Vtg Levi's SilverTab Men's Bib Destroyed Stonewash Jean Overalls Size S 30 USA
$49.21 SGD
Vtg 90s Levi's Silvertab Loose Jeans Dark Blue Mens 33/30 Made USA Pants AA2
$64.32 SGD
SilverTab BAGGY Mens Size 34 x 30 Jeans Pants ~USED
$34.96 SGD
SilverTab Corduroy Jeans Olive Green 33x30 NWOT
$48.95 SGD
Levis Silver Tab Shorts Mens Size 38 Waist Beige Cargo Tactical Outdoors Hunting
$19.57 SGD
Silvertab Levi's Denim Jeans Pants Mens Size 34/32
Buy: $48.93 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Men's 34x30 True Boot Black Distressed Jeans Skater Streetwear
$55.94 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Silver Tab Boot Cut Bootcut Mens Jeans 34x34 Denim
$48.93 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Khakis Mens Carpenter Pants Size 36x34 White Meas. 36x31.5
$30.75 SGD
Men's Silvertab Relaxed Jeans Size 36 Waist 36 Inseam
Buy: $36.35 SGD
Levis SilverTab Baggy Gray Denim Grunge Street Classic Jeans Mens 33x32 (33x31)
$63.34 SGD
New Vintage Levis SILVERTAB Zip Up Short Sleeve Avocado Green Polo Shirt Size L
$76.88 SGD
Silvertab Levi's Outdoors Pants Men 38x34 Polyester White
$34.95 SGD
Mens Levi's SilverTab Baggy Jeans 33 x 32  (Actual 36  x 31.5   )Med Wash
$55.93 SGD
Vintage Levi's SilverTab Khakis Carpenter Pants Size W36 L30 (Runs Short)
$34.95 SGD
Vintage Levis Silvertab Baggy Jeans Med Wash 34x32
$76.9 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Men's Size 36 X 32 Carpenter Jeans Straight Leg Blue Cotton
$39.14 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Mens Jeans Loose Fit Straight Leg White Denim Size 38 x 27
$48.92 SGD
Vintage Silvertab Levis Overalls 30x34
Buy: $90.9 SGD
Vtg Levis SilverTab Loose Fit Men's 33x34 Denim Jeans USA Made Zip Fly
$39.14 SGD
Men's VGUC LEVIS SILVER TAB Sz 29/32 Black Baggy Classic Rise Jeans
$41.94 SGD
Levi's SILVERTAB Plaid Short Sleeve Cotton Button Up Shirt Men's Size L
$18.88 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Mens Jeans Baggy Medium Wash Blue Size Meas. 34x30.5
$30.75 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Straight Men's Faded Black Jeans 30x32 Preowned
Buy: $30.07 SGD
VTG 90s Levis Silver Tab Mens Carpenter Denim Jeans Loose Baggy  28 X 32
$48.95 SGD
Vtg Levi's Silvertab Mens 34x32 True Straight Button Fly Blue Jeans Bottoms EUC!
$51.03 SGD
Levis SilverTab Classic Fit 90s Skater Streetwear Blue Jeans Men Sz 33x30 USA H
$40.49 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Student Denim Medium Wash Blue Jeans Shorts Men's Size 28
$20.92 SGD
Vtg Levi’s Mens Brown Silver Tab Hip Hop Cargo Pants Size 38 X 27 Free Shipping!
$48.93 SGD
Silvertab Levis Men’s Jean Shorts size 36
Buy: $30.73 SGD
Vtg Levis SilverTab Carpenter Cargo Utility Khaki Pants Mens Size 34x34 (36x32)
$27.9 SGD
NWT Levi's SilverTab Baggy Fit Vintage Medium Wash Jeans Men's 30x34 Roomy Thigh
$69.91 SGD
Buy: $68.51 SGD
SilverTab Mens Carpenter Shorts Size 36 Levi's Striped
$48.61 SGD
Buy: $27.96 SGD
SILVERTAB Levis Jeans 40x36 Vintage BAGGY FIT cotton Blue 90's
$77.34 SGD
Vtg 90's Levi's SilverTab Men's Size 31 Carpenter Blue Jean Denim Shorts Tag 30
$27.91 SGD
mens short silver tab levis 100% cotton loose fit size 34
$41.94 SGD
Vtg SilverTab Levis Low And Loose Jeans Men's Size 33x29 Black Denim Relaxed
$55.93 SGD
Levis Silvertab Blue Jeans Loose Fit 34x32 Distressed 100% Cotton (Actual 33x31)
$39.86 SGD
Silver Tab Botton Front Grey Striped Short Sleeve Shirt Men's Size XL
$34.95 SGD
Sz 28x28 SILVERTAB Levi’s Mens BAGGY Fit Medium Wash Denim Jeans Pants *(29x26.5
$39.14 SGD
Levi’s Mens SilverTab Medium Wash VTG 90s Baggy Fit Jeans 30x32
$36.21 SGD
Silvertab Levi's Brand Mens Baggy Denim Blue Jeans W 33 x L 29 GUC
$46.12 SGD
Vtg Mens 30 x 34 Levis Silvertab Baggy Jeans High Button Fly Stonewash Tall
$50.28 SGD
Silvertab Levi's Men's Cargo Shorts Size 44 Cotton
$27.96 SGD
Vintage Levi's SILVERTAB Baggy Fit Tapered Leg Black Jeans Size 33x31 USA Made
$83.87 SGD
Silver Tab Mens 33x32 (Actual 30x31) "Baggy" Gray Tapered Jeans 100% Cotton
$30.77 SGD
Men's LEVI'S SILVERTAB 6-Pocket Cargo Shorts White Plaid - Size 32
$16.75 SGD
VTG SilverTab Jeans Loose Mens Measured Size 31x33 Straight Leg Black USA Made
$55.93 SGD
Levis SilverTab Mens Blue Relaxed Fit Jeans 30X34 W30 L34 
Buy: $34.96 SGD
Levis Silvertab Men's SHIRT XL 100% Cotton Blue White Stripes Raised Red Check
$34.95 SGD
$36.99 SGD
Vtg Levis Silver Tab Loose Jean's Dark Blue 38x32 Made USA Navy
$62.92 SGD
Silvertab Mens Size 30/32 Low + Loose Jeans EUC Faded Look Loose Fit
$41.94 SGD
Levi Silvertab 36 x 32 Loose Fit Baggy Jeans Made in USA Grunge Denim Distressed
$96.48 SGD
Levis Silvertab Blue Men's Bowling Shirt, Blue w/ Logo, Short Sleeve - L, EUC!
$27.96 SGD
Vtg SilverTab Levis Baggy Fit Jeans Actual Size 33x33 Tapered  Distressed Black
$67.11 SGD
VTG Levis SilverTab Dark Denim Loose Fit Shorts Size 36 Jean casual USA MADE
$54.47 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Khakis Mens Cargo Pants Size 42x32 Tan Beige Meas. 42x32
$34.95 SGD
Vintage 90s Levis SILVERTAB Short Sleeve Pocket Green Polo Shirt Size XL
$30.73 SGD
Levis SilverTab Relaxed Vtg 90s Denim Casual Tapered Jeans Mens 31x30 (30x31)
$63.06 SGD
Silvertab Men's Long Sleeve Button Down Front Shirt Cotton Plaid Size Large
$27.26 SGD
Vtg SilverTab Levis Straight Classic Made In USA Men 30x30
$37.06 SGD
SilverTab Mens 33x32 (Actual 29x32) "Loose Fit" 100% Cotton Jeans
$34.96 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Baggy Denim Jeans Men's Size 33x29 Light Wash Zip Fly
$34.96 SGD
Vtg SilverTab Levis Carpenter Jeans Mens 31x30 Straight Leg Distressed Hammer
$55.93 SGD
VTG Levis SilverTab Denim Loose Fit True Short Size 36 Jean Casual EUC Rare Find
Buy: $23.77 SGD
Levi’s Silver Tab Mens Gray MESH Short Sleeve T-Shirt Size L
$26.56 SGD
Levi's Silvertab Carpenter Jeans Mens Straight Size 36x32 Work Pants Meas. 35x31
$41.94 SGD
Vtg Levis SilverTab Loose Fit Men's 32x33 Medium Wash Jeans Zip Fly
$33.55 SGD
Vtg SilverTab Levis Straight And Loose Jeans 31x30 Med Wash Faded 5 Pocket
$55.93 SGD
Mens Levis Strauss Silvertab Longsleeve Graphic Shirt M (Black)
Buy: $35.66 SGD
SilverTab Mens Size Actual 31x30.5 BAGGY Medium Wash Jeans 100% Cotton
$41.95 SGD
Levi’s Silvertab Vintage 90’s Corduroy Pants 34 X 34 Baggy Jeans Beige Retro
$39.09 SGD
SilverTab LEVIS Loose Fit Jeans Size 31 x 30 Inseam 28 Men's Light Wash Denim
$30.77 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Men's Low and Loose Jeans 32 x 29 Levis Silver Tab
$32.15 SGD
Vtg Levi's SilverTab "Loose" Denim Jean Shorts Men's 42 Light Wash Made in USA
$34.96 SGD
2 Pair Levi's Mens Distressed Jeans Blue Size 36 x 30 1-Silvertab 1-505 NICE
$34.95 SGD
Silver Tab Mens 38x34 (Actual 39x32) Khaki Carpenter Pants 100% Cotton
$48.95 SGD
Levi's SilverTab Mens Cargo Pants Jeans Pockets Khaki Tan Size 36x32 Meas. 34x31
$34.95 SGD
Silvertab Levi’s Baggy Jean Shorts Denim Men’s Size 32 Cotton Medium Wash
$24.61 SGD
Levi Silver Tabs Used 28x34
Buy: $27.96 SGD
Mens Silver Tab True Boot Blue Jeans sz 31W X 32L Cotton Snap On Pocket (A4)
$32.15 SGD
Silver Tab Mens Jeans 34/32L
$18.78 SGD
$27.69 SGD
Vtg SilverTab Levis Straight Loose Light Wash Baggy Men 28x29
$34.26 SGD
Levis SilverTab Low Loose 90s Skater Streetwear Blue Jeans 33x34 Distressed E
$61.44 SGD
Men's Levis SilverTab Loose Fit Jeans Size 28x32
$15.44 SGD
Mens Levis SilverTab True Boot Fit Blue Jeans 33 X 30 Measures 28 Inseam Dark
$41.89 SGD
SilverTab Mens Carpenter Shorts Size 33 Levi's Striped
$48.61 SGD
Vintage 90’s Levi’s SilverTab Levis Loose Fit Mens Blue Jeans 30x30 In EUC
$31.07 SGD
Vintage Levis SilverTab 90s Mens Blue Denim Jeans Baggy Grunge 35x32 Actual
$55.79 SGD
VTG 90’s Levis Silver Tab Loose Denim Distressed Shorts Size 38
$21.4 SGD
LEVIS SILVERTAB Mens Vintage Gray Shorts Size 33 Pockets 100% Cotton Long Hiking
$30.04 SGD