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Gaetano Pesce with Fidget Spinner Painting - Contemporaryary Design Classic
$182.35 SGD - 37 bids
Vintage Eagle Sculpture, Cast Bronze, Nice Touch!
$2000.0 SGD
Vintage Classic Trygg Wood Carving of Hobo
$103.45 SGD
Industrial  Cast Iron Pipe Art ‘Rat’ Sculpture
$19.74 SGD
$1.8E7 SGD
$500.0 SGD
Vintage Bronze/Brass Eagle Sculpture or Statuette, Nicely Toned
$50.0 SGD
Magnetik-Technik, 3-in-1 Sculpture, Mild Steel & Magnet
$40.0 SGD
Beautiful Acrylic Horse Sculpture Carving
$18.0 SGD
Vintage Cute Sexy Wooden Kitty Pussy Cat Carving
$12.0 SGD
littala 2018 Annual cube
$800.0 SGD
Lucky Crystal Gem - Purple Cathedral Amethyst Geode
$2288.0 SGD
Relatively NEW unique decorative Glass Ornament Bag - $12
Buy: $12.0 SGD
Abstract Metal Wall Art Elevate by Ash Carl Modern Home Decor Metal Sculpture
$170.82 SGD
Rare Art Piece - Porcelain Face
$88.0 SGD
Metal Wall Art Silver Moon 3 Abstract Landscape Tree Decor
Buy: $459.92 SGD
beautiful abstract modernist wood carving sculpture" Double Happiness"
Buy: $180.0 SGD
Ruth Palmer Mitosis Modern Metal Art Contemporary Home Decor Wall Sculpture
$341.67 SGD
Abstract Modern Metal Wall Art Sculpture 'Dawn' Justin Strom
$289.09 SGD
Shanxi Provine leather Shadow Play Scuptures Couple In Chinese Costum.
$68.0 SGD
Vintage magestic SNAKE COBRA Art Statue Sculpture Beige/Gold
$299.99 SGD
Detroit Reflection II Contemporary City Painting on Metal Wall Art by Ash Carl
$178.72 SGD
GirlFace w/Rabbit Ears Tall GLASS CRYSTAL Art Sculpture Statue 56cm22inches High
$399.0 SGD
Vintage BEN HUR BENHUR Horses Racing Chariot Art Statue Sculpture HEAVY!
$299.99 SGD
Metal Art Silver City by Osnat Abstract Modern Citiscape Wall Decor
Buy: $151.12 SGD
ROYAL SELANGOR PEWTER Ganesha STATUE Ganesa Ganesha Ganapathi Ganesh Hindu IDOL
$499.0 SGD
Classical Vintage Italian Sculpture Statue of a Bathing Maiden by G RUGGERI
$10.91 SGD - 3 bids
Fish Tank Aquarium Decorations Sea Coral SCULPTURE
$8.0 SGD
Contemporary Floral Mountain Landscape Metal Wall Decor Toward Mountain Tops
$111.7 SGD
Unique Round Glass Vase Container Home Decoration Fish Tank
$10.0 SGD
Rock Mountain Climber High Metal affordable Art Sculpture 67cm26inch High Sports
$120.0 SGD
Metal Wall Sculpture Contemporary Abstract City Lights 7
$52.55 SGD
Female Standing Naked White Gold Porcelain Art Sculpture Statue 29cm MadeInSpain
$99.0 SGD
Metal Wall Art Contemporary Abstract Nueva City Modern Home Decor
Buy: $52.55 SGD
native paddle
Buy: $731.45 SGD
Very Rare Framed Paper Sculpture by Wess
Buy: $229.88 SGD
Chinese Shadow Play Wall Hanging Frame with Box #1
Buy: $20.0 SGD
Chinese Shadow Play Wall Hanging Frame with Box #3
Buy: $20.0 SGD
Chinese Shadow Play Wall Hanging Frame with Box #2
Buy: $20.0 SGD
Ceramic Dragon - display model
$3.0 SGD
Chicken model - Ceramic plastic mixture material
$3.0 SGD
Venus de Milo Statue Greek Roman Large Sculpture over 5 ft Ancient Art Life Size
Buy: $1044.93 SGD
2012 TITANIC Silver Coin Fiji Man White Star Line London New York City U Captain
$3.68 SGD - 3 bids
One of a kind "Sailboat Passing Lighthouse" Sandstone Sculpture
Buy: $417.97 SGD
Angel Fish -Metal Art Sculptures- Lemonaid Art
Buy: $3343.76 SGD
Makonde Tree of Life Carving
Buy: $834.9 SGD
Seat for One, Hand cast Bronze Sculpture of Hummingbird by Kindrie Grove
Buy: $470.22 SGD
eskimo soapstone carving of Mother and Child
Buy: $156.74 SGD
Lumière Aquatique by R. Lemieux, handmade porcelain lamp
Buy: $329.15 SGD
Handcrafted silver sculpture with golden cover
Buy: $11916.97 SGD
Joanassie Ohaituk, Whale, Inukjuak
Buy: $100.31 SGD
Whaletail: Sandstone Sculpture
Buy: $156.74 SGD
One of a kind "Cougar in the Woods" Sandstone Sculpture
Buy: $522.46 SGD
Engraved Quake glass *white OR red logo
Buy: $20.9 SGD
Hand carved plaques
Buy: $104.49 SGD
Authentic Sri Lankan Wooden Mask - Narilatha
Buy: $599.93 SGD
4 x 6 x 1/2" Captured Lightning Lichtenberg Figure Electron/Beam Tree sculpture <br/> Vertical Lightning Tree Lichtenberg Figure Sculpture!
Buy: $119.58 SGD
Metal Salmon/Chinook/Coho,Fish,Fishing,Cabin.Lodge,Art,Wall,Home decor,Wildlife
$78.83 SGD
Montegrappa Salvador DALI "Apparition of Face" .925 F.P 18K  "Art Deco" of Pens!
$1314.03 SGD
CC Bronze bust of J.R.R. Tolkien. Edition of only 50. Signed certificate
Buy: $726.36 SGD
 SOFT LIQUID PLASTIC U.V. PLASTISOL BAIT LURE 5ltr  phthalate free Luresol
$82.9 SGD
4x4" "Captured Lightning" Lichtenberg Figure Electron Tree acrylic art sculpture <br/> High Voltage Spark Tree Lightning Fossil Tesla Inspired
Buy: $88.04 SGD
$118.27 SGD
Hoselton Goose in Flight Figurine 5in Cast Aluminum Sculpture Canada on Granite
$94.04 SGD
New "Captured Lightning" Edge-rooted Lichtenberg Figure & Multicolor Light Base <br/> 2 x 2 x 3/4" Spark/Electron Tree, acrylic "Fulgurite"
Buy: $80.15 SGD
Modern Abstract Black & Silver Metal Accent Wall Decor - Freestyle by Jon Allen
$256.25 SGD
$1358.4 SGD
Stefan Schwartz Medal, Austria (1851-1924)
Buy: $73.14 SGD
Silver Abstract Modern Metal Wall Sculpture Art Decor - Lost In Translation
$295.67 SGD
Contemporary Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture - Eclipse by Jon Allen
$295.67 SGD
Metal Abstract Modern Painting Wall Art Sculpture Black Silver By Jon Allen
$216.83 SGD
Modern Silver/Red Contemporary Metal Wall Sculpture - Medallion 2 by Jon Allen
$689.9 SGD
Black/Silver Modern Metal Wall Sculpture Accent Contemporary Art - Chaotic Waves
$427.08 SGD
Modern Silver Metal Art - Hand-Etched Abstract Wall Sculpture - Eternity
$295.67 SGD
Silver Contemporary Metal Wall Art - Metallic Hanging Decor - Divided Unison
$558.49 SGD
NEW 22PCS Pottery Clay Sculpture Sculpting Carving Modelling Ceramic Hobby Tools
Buy: $15.57 SGD
Beveled High Voltage "Captured Lightning" Lichtenberg Figure Beam Tree sculpture <br/> 2 x 2 x 3/4" Spark/Electron Tree, acrylic "Fulgurite"
Buy: $44.67 SGD
One of a kind Bluenose Sailboat Sandstone Sculpture
Buy: $522.46 SGD
Howard Moose Cree Artist stone carving Mother and Baby Bear
$391.85 SGD
HUGE MUSKY PIKE wood fishing lure with LEAD BALLS  !! 10" - Glass Eyes  TEETH
$55.84 SGD
Modern Abstract Silver Corporate Metal Wall Art Sculpture Original Jon Allen
$229.97 SGD
Modern Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture Contemporary Original Art By Jon Allen
$177.4 SGD
Giant Ivory Knight Chess Piece Statue 12.25" Horse DWK World of Wonders
$32.79 SGD
2017 Hukilau Shrunken Head Tiki Mug #15 by Tiki Tony and Eekum Bookum
$381.05 SGD
Modern Home Decor Wall Art - Silver Metal Wall Art Sculptures - 3 of a Kind
$144.55 SGD
Sculpture Bronze Statue Wildlife Real Bronze  platypus Signed Eddie Wentorf <br/> Platypus  limited edition of 50  240 mm heigh
Buy: $1766.4 SGD
Art Wildlife Statue Cast Bronze  Platypus and Frog Signed  edition of 50 <br/> Platypus  Real Bronze cast in sculptures own foundry
Buy: $1828.74 SGD
GILLIE AND MARC. Direct from artists. Authentic bronze sculpture 'ski' 'snow'
$1350.78 SGD
GILLIE AND MARC. Direct from artists. Authentic bronze sculpture 'Vespa' 'Love'
$1194.92 SGD
Achilles & Hector Unleashed Battle of Troy Statue Sculpture Figure
$187.77 SGD
Large Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture 10 pc Set Home Decor by Jon Allen
$295.67 SGD
Ceremonial Sculpture wood carving Art Santiago Santeria Cuba Cuban Signed GUILA
$676.06 SGD
Authentic Sri Lankan Wooden Sculpture - Dahaata Sanniya
Buy: $215.05 SGD
MLK Plaque with stone chiseled from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in DC.
Buy: $229.97 SGD
MLK Plaque with stone chiseled from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in DC.
Buy: $229.97 SGD
Modern Abstract Metal Art Wall Sculpture Silver Home Decor  by Artist Jon Allen
$295.67 SGD
Teal Metal Wall Twist Sculpture - 3d Abstract Modern Wall Art Decor - Jon Allen <br/> Awesome sale price! Hurry!
Buy: $236.52 SGD
Large Guillermo Forchino's The Big Boss Forchino Comic  Statue Sculpture Figure
$408.03 SGD
Modern Metal Abstract Hand-Painted Wall Art Accent Decor by Jon Allen OJ 463
$85.42 SGD
LORD VISHNU - Vintage South Asian/Hindu Stone Carving - India - Mid 20th Century
$992.68 SGD